Tiered Commission Class

First Class 12%
One-time registration MYR50

Second Class 5%
One-time registration MYR30

Why must pay?
Apart from material fees, this to encourage for every affiliator to become wolf and become a keen hunter 🐺


Ahmad received a referral link after he registered as First Class Affiliate. Then he promotes on his social media and telling his circle to find if someone want to build a website, mobile app or graphic. He shares his unique referral link to his potential referral named Abu.

Abu is a businessman, he wants to do a website for his business. Then Abu will open Ahmad’s link and decided to contact us (Affandy’s Lab), after several discussion, Abu decided to build a website with us and Abu pay deposit to us.

After few hours, Ahmad received his commission direct on his bank account! He loves it and keen to find more!

Affiliate Area

Affiliate Registration

Affiliate Class(Required)

You can pay registration fees here
First Class – Fees: MYR50.00
Second Class – Fees: MYR30.00